Huse Culinary Lab Ribbon Cutting


On Wednesday, September 6, 2017, the Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at the new Crestmont club location to unveil the Huse Culinary Lab.  Heartland Beef Incorporated and its owners donated, with a generous contribution from the Arby’s Foundation, $100,000 to build said teaching kitchen.  Newly appointed Unit Director Jon York spoke at the ceremony Wednesday, sharing a bit about his challenging childhood that lacked any healthy role models.  Jon at a very young age became the caretaker of his younger brother.  When he came to his local club, Jon had zero cooking skills—feeding himself and his little brother cereal for their two at-home meals before and after school until venturing out to boxed mac ‘n cheese mixed with peas and canned tuna in his early teen years.  Many take basic cooking skills for granted, but just like Jon so many of our youth struggle to overcome this hurdle often in addition to being food insecure.  The Huse Culinary kitchen will ensure that area kids don’t go without for lack of know-how.  The kitchen will host cooking demonstrations, cooking clubs, community events, and more.

The $100,000 gift was made in honor of Stephen M Huse as part of a celebration of his 50th year with the Arby’s brand.  Throughout those 50 years Steve has made sure to give back to his communities and all of those around him, changing lives and otherwise making a difference.  Within his own company, Steve has created a culture of cultivating and empowering the ordinary to become something extraordinary.

After 25 years of operating on 2,100 sq ft, the new Crestmont Boys and Girls Club will expand the location’s footprint to a whopping 21,000 square feet with a full regulation gym—a facility able to serve up to 200 kids a day.  In addition to the Huse Culinary lab, the Crestmont club will include “a library, technology lab, art studio, teen club, entertainment room and more. The Club will still feature extensive program options for members including Indiana’s Kids tutoring, cooking, drama, computer programs, gardening and more.” (

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