Craig Truelock Honored by ARG


Earlier this month, we were surprised at our Annual GM Awards with a special presentation from ARG.  Matt Garrett, Director of Franchise Operations, awarded one of our own with a special honor.  Read on for the transcript of that presentation:

We give out annual awards as well.   At a meeting in Dayton (a lot of your leadership was there, some of them were recognized) for the East Region.  Now that’s a big group of awards—we’re talking about around 1000 restaurants and at least 150 franchisees.  So we give out sales awards, turnover awards, EcoSure awards—all the great things you guys have done too—but we also give out a few leadership awards.  And they’re hard to earn!  Think of the competition with 150 other franchisees and about 1000 restaurants.  But we weren’t able to give this one out at our meeting in Dayton earlier this year so it just worked out great when Tom said we could present it here today.

This award is about leadership, and here’s the criteria for the award:

It’s based on the vision of the leader, the integrity of the leader.  We measure the experience of the leader.  We measure the work ethic of the leader, and (my favorite) the speed of the leader who’s moving the organization ahead as fast as they possibly can…

So what are those leadership traits?  We know leaders come and go, right?  We’ve all worked for different leaders in our career, but the ones that stay and the ones that continue to inspire us are those leaders who practice the values.  So I want you to say those values with me.







So when we recognize this leader, you’ll know this was a leader who is still here, a leader who still inspires, someone we still look up to as having the best overall values in, really, what amounts to half of the Arby’s brand.  I wish Scott Boatright and some others who really selected this award could be here today from the ARG leadership, but I’m proud to present it and Donna here is proud to present it.

So for 2016, Franchise Community with Best Overall Values: Craig Truelock.

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