HBI Increases its Arby’s Foundation Nominations 1500%

NKHWatermelon2017 marks quite the milestone for Heartland Beef Incorporated.  HBI has a rich history of working hard to make a difference and was even honored with the Arby’s national Make a Difference Award in October.  The company went on to exceed its 2017 fundraising goal, breaking its previous record with a whopping SIX DIGITS across 34 Arby’s at the conclusion of the 2017 National Restaurant Fundraiser: No Kid Hungry.

Just raising the funds isn’t quite enough though.  The Arby’s Foundation, partnered with Share Our Strength (the creator of the No Kid Hungry campaign), needs to know to whom to disperse this money.  Every year after the fundraiser concludes, a nomination window opens for any employee of the Arby’s brand (assuming your organization partook in the NRF)–from opening prep person and frontline closers to the CEOs–to submit any 501c3 nonprofit that is fighting childhood hunger in America.  After the simple nomination process, most of the organizations are awarded grants ranging from $1000-$3000 on average the following spring.  Sadly, out of 2500 participating Arby’s the Foundation typically only sees about 60 nominations.  HBI has historically made a single nomination each year.

But HBI’s hard work didn’t end with the fundraiser this year.  With a little motivation and a lot of passion for the good work the Arby’s Foundation and Share Our Strength do to fight childhood hunger across America, HBI submitted an impressive 15 nominations by 11 unique employees!  Most of those organizations should go on to receive a grant of some size in the spring–one of whose nominator will win a trip to the Arby’s Worldwide Convention in fall 2018 in gorgeous Nashville, TN.  Well done to each and every one of the HBI employees who submitted nominations!  That includes:

Ellen Meierkort (the only Shift Manager submission) from Store 5463

Chad Park (the only Assistant Manager to make a submission) of Store 6158

Joyce Bolton, General Manager of 7646

Betsy McGhee (who placed multiple nominations), General Manager of 5838

Dawn Evans, General Manager of 730

Gayle Johnson, General Manager of 6550

Amber Chirpas, General Manager of 8485

Jeff Daugherty (who placed multiple nominations), General Manager of 970

Tracey Regenwether, General Manager of 7939

Susan Briseno, General Manager of 6998

Chris Smith, Executive Assistant and general Superwoman of the office

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