8485 Making a Difference

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8485 is at it again! This awesome group of individuals heard about a need in their community and made it their mission to help out their local Red Barn Pantry by holding a food drive to replenish their nearly depleted inventory.  GM Amber Chirpas and her employees–plus a few members from the community–really pulled through and made a huge difference.  Amber and Shift Manager Danielle delivered it yesterday:

“The ladies said it came as such a blessing because they were in such need for food for families… My crew totally amazed me by the amount of food we collected in just 4 days! We even had people from the community help donate! The pictures do not show even half of the food we were able to donate. When we walked into the Red Barn the lady asked, ‘Who is all this food from?’ I just said, “Arbys!!!” She replied, ‘You are that Chirpas girl, aren’t you?’ Haha I simply said, “Yes. Arby’s has your back!!!’ My favorite line!” says Amber.

We are so proud of the work Team 8485 is doing and honored that they chose to do it in the HBI: Arby’s name. Thank you, Amber, for setting the tone and going above and beyond. Thank you to the rest of Team 8485 for getting in the spirit so wholeheartedly. You are quickly becoming our Make a Difference leaders!

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