NKH Finalists


For the past many years, HBI has nominated a whopping ONE organization each year for a No Kid Hungry (aka “Community Connection”) Grant.  In 2017, we nominated a grand total of 15 deserving organizations. Those include local food pantries, after school programs, ministries, shelters, soup kitchens, hospitality networks, and backpack programs.  Nominators ranged from hourly managers to GMs to office staff.  Our team went above and beyond.

Once nominated by an HBI Arby’s employee, those organizations were sent a form to complete offering more information on their work to fight childhood hunger in America.  Of the 15 nominated organizations, only four completed that paperwork and the associated training required.  Of those four, all received grants.  In fact, all organizations across the country who watched the training webinar and submitted the completed paperwork received grants.

Of HBI’s four, two organizations were nominated by employees at the store level.  Those two awesome organizations are Manna Mission Operation Outreach and Southwest Indiana Powerhouse Inc, nominated by Amber Chirpas and Betsy McGhee respectively.  These two gals represent our finalists, and one will be joining us in gorgeous Nashville, TN this November at the Arby’s WFC.  We will announce the winner as the time gets closer.


Very well done to Betsy and Amber as well as all the other nominators including Joyce Bolton, Dawn Evans, Gayle Johnson, Jeff Daugherty, Tracey Regenwether, Susan Briseno, and Chris Smith.  Special shout outs to Chad Park and Ellen Meierkort.

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