HBI Makes a Difference

HBI had the immense honor Sunday, January 13, of presenting New Liberty Missionary Baptist Church a $5,000 grant from the Arby’s Foundation.  New Liberty MBC was nominated by 7279 GM Ismail Outlaw for their work with the most at-risk families and kids in their area.  Pastor Brooks runs a mentorship for young men at the local high school and has fostered partnerships with Ivy Tech and the Indianapolis Children’s Museum to identify families in crisis.  The church currently runs an intermittent food pantry to serve the food-insecure at times of highest need and are working on securing a larger facility that will accommodate a year round food pantry.  These funds will help them achieve that goal and better serve their community.

On January 17th, Michaela R and John Gast from 6714 had the honor of presenting another $5,000 grant from the Arby’s Foundation to the Columbus, Indiana Foundation For Youth.  The FFY mission is to strive daily to “Inspire and Enable Our Youth, Our Community”.  They see their role as very simple: Foundation For Youth exists to serve their youth and their community through their programs and services.  The FFY family is made up of high quality youth and community programs and a dedicated staff that‘s always willing to learn ways to improve their services and provide a better experience to all those–young and old–who participate in their programs.  The Foundation runs the Columbus Boys and Girls Club and Big Brothers Big Sisters, as well as local programming that includes #FFYteens, a community aquatic center, Columbus Youth Camp, “mommy-and-me” style gymnastics, and more.  The center serves about 2000 distinct kids every year, with a rotating 190 every single day.  They, like HBI Arby’s, often serve as their employees’ first ever jobs, giving the older youth in the area the skills and experience they need to be productive, working adults.

Heartland Beef is honored to be a small part of the amazing work these organizations are doing in their communities.  HBI thanks nominators Ismail Outlaw, John Gast, and Michaela.

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