Heartland Beef Inc exists, at its most basic, to improve lives.  HBI takes a chance on the average Joe; two-thirds of the executive team started in entry level positions in stores and worked their ways up to their current positions.  If you’ve got passion and a good work ethic, you’re our kind of people and we want to work with you.  We change lives by providing top notch training programs with ample advancement opportunity, flexible scheduling, and competitive pay.  We also happen to sell delicious food.

Our History

BLOOMINGTON, IN (July 31, 2017) –Restauranteur Stephen M. Huse opened his first Arby’s on Bloomington’s east side in 1967, three years after Arby’s was founded and long before the chain became a global brand. Huse was among Arby’s earliest pioneering franchisees, operating under Huse Inc. management umbrella.  Now Huse has sold his remaining stock in Arby’s to long-time Huse Inc. executives Thomas Browne, Craig Truelock and Michael Todd, who are now operating the restaurants under Heartland Beef Incorporated.

Founded in 2000 by Huse, Browne, Truelock and Todd, Heartland Beef also has a long and rich history operating Arby’s restaurants across Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Ohio. Formerly President of Huse Inc., Browne will now serve as Heartland Beef CEO. He joined Huse Inc. in 1990 and became President within five years. He has been a Certified Public Accountant since 1988 and a Certified Valuation Analyst since 1998. He earned his undergraduate degree from Indiana University and MBA from University of Indianapolis. Browne is a long-time volunteer at the Community Kitchen of Monroe County and also serves as Chairman of ARCOP, the Arby’s supply chain cooperative.

As Heartland Beef COO, Truelock is no stranger to the restaurant industry, having been hired as a dishwasher at age 16 for another Huse restaurant. Truelock earned his associate’s degree in restaurant management from Vincennes University and has since spent 30 years with Arby’s, becoming Vice President of Operations in 2002.

Todd rounds out the Heartland Beef executive team as Senior Vice President of Development & Construction. He was also hired at age 16 in the original Bloomington Arby’s restaurant and expressed early interest in construction and maintenance. Todd became the company’s general contractor in 1998.

The original inductee to the Indiana Restaurant Hall of Fame, Huse remains a legend and public servant throughout his communities and the restaurant industry.  The Heartland Beef ownership trio will continue a close working relationship with Huse and is committed to upholding his high standards of performance, ethics and philanthropy.